Q: Layer Drum Samples In Instrument?

Is it possible to layer samples in an instrument, i.e. to stack several samples on a single key (in an instrument)?

Say I have snare01.wav and clap01.wav and need to play them at the same time with one note.

I tried to fiddle with the keymap editor but got snare01.wav as sample 0 and clap01 as 1 and could only assign 0 or 1 to the keys.

Is there any workaround if this is not possible? (aka. how would you do it?)

Seems a bit silly to create just another track with C-4 … C-4 etc… :)

That’s not possible, a solution could be, that you render the two samples playing together into one sample slot.

Or just load all samples in the instrument and autogenerate a drumkit, you will have a sample assigned to each semitones thus horizontal layering.
If your samplepack is not too large this may work out.
Else i would spread across multiple instruments or use a sampler VST that does support it.

Multilayering is an idea for the new RNI structure but won’t appear in 1.8

ok, bummer.

Anyone got any tricks?

Been thinking about adding another note column, have that as D-4 and the other sample as C-4, could work, but need to enter two notes for every tick then.

Hm! Other ideas/suggestions very welcome! B)

Ah, will try.

Hope they will support multilayering, I always layer…

When you render the samples into one slot, you’ll only need to trigger one.

Yup would work, but would want to be able to edit out some parts of the
samples at a later time (say need to trim some initial click on the kick)

Anyway, thanks :)

I’ll do auto drumkitmap then. Now trying to find a way to load several samples at a time? (upto 0x0F times… :D )

With Renoise 1.8, you can drag multiple samples into the sample slots area at once.


Just need to register for 1.8 then!

Almost… register for 1.5 and get 1.8 now :)