Q: Twangy Dub Reverb

Ok, those of you who have heard any old dub (Perry etc…) would know a cool dub effect of that twangy reverb they occasionally put on drums. I’m after it in vst form. So if you know any plugs that do the trick post em here.

It sounds a lot different to normal spring-verb that can be found in plugs within the KVR db. I’m almost fearing that the sound cannot be replecated with current vst standards.


Probably what you are looking for:

I would argue you could pull off the sound using these too:

Not sure, if it’s what you’re after, but i’ve found it quite useful.

Cinematic Reverb




the one I use :


and I love it.

Thanks gents, all very good delay suggestions, some of which I’ll keep. But none of them produce the sound I want, that spring twangy, almost flange like verb.

I’ll have to get you some mp3 examples to show you what I mean…

I’ve searched high and low for exactly what you describe and have found nothing like it.

The only way to go is to get a real spring reverb box!

I’ve been watching a few on eBay but they often go for like £150.

Try glueing a slinky to a speaker pointing downwards from the ceiling and miccing it up? :D
Actually - I might do that…