qsynth output routed to renoise


I haven’t figured this one yet, and maybe someone has hints/tips about this. On Linux, using Renoise 3.0, I started qsynth and Ardour prior to Renoise. I had a few tracks, one of them with a soundfont from Qsynth. Then I start Renoise, without loading any previous project, and adding sync to jackd so I can add Renoise material to the Ardour tracks.

The Qsynth output is shown in the Renoise first track and master volume. And I never asked for that audio to go there. The Renoise MIDI tab shows no MIDI input nor output. Using an Axiom keyboard I play the Qsynth sample and it shows in Renoise. Actually, a green dot is flashed as per the notes being played in Renoise’s top right window showing instruments. But there’s no MIDI connection. As far as I see it, the Qsynth output should not go through Renoise unless explicitly asked for. It’s annoying since I want to keep track audio under precise control and not all mixed up.

What is wrong and why does this seem like a default routing of some sort ?

Edit: I think I’m mistaken by the fact that the Axiom keyboard will play a Renoise sample even if the MIDI input/output is none. Am a bit surprised by that