Quake Delirium Max/msp Patch

Here’s a demo video of the Max/Msp patch i’ve been working on. The basic idea is that it manipulates Quake to make a more trippy and delirious version of the game.

It reads the qconsole.log file from Quake, and sends direct input keystrokes to Fitzquake 0.85 which manipulates graphical parameters of the game using special .cfg files, such as FOV, game speed, FOG density, FOG colour, gamma and one or two others. The values for these are controlled via sliders in the patch which can be controlled with a MIDI controllers, so you can record a script which alters these parameters in realtime, and then that script is played back when you play the game. I’ve got a basic system setup where the automation starts when a level loads, and you can select whether or not the automation goes back to the start when you pick up health boxes (thus you can stave off delirium if you keep moving and grab the health, otherwise things will get weird!). The soundtrack follows the automation of the visual controls, since they are also assigned to midi cc# values which manipulate audio parameters such as reverb when the patch is ReWired to Renoise. At the moment the compiled collective build doesn’t work, so you can only run the patch if you have Max/Msp5. When I can get the collective build to work it’ll be possible for anyone to play around with the patch provided they install Max5 Runtime (which is free) and have Fitzquake 0.85.



Screenshot of the patch:


as genius as this is, for god sakes why? :)

the original idea was to make something universal which would ruin ALL games and make them descend into psychosis. but in the end i made something which is an absurd hack of a game which is over ten years old, and so awkward to setup it’ll probably only ever work on my computer right now at this point in time; but hey - it was massively fun to make! :D

Muhahahahahaha!!! Game play must be very interesting. Do I see the game slowing down and speeding up when you’re delirious?

you do :P

Patch of the year!!!

Anyone makes music on this forum ? :)

There’s a basic application of the patch here now with the associated Quake files, if anyone wants to play around (you don’t need max or anything, the runtime is integrated). There are quite a few problems still but it is possible to get it to work (hopefully).

You need Quake and Fitzquake 085 already to use it, then you copy the contents of the Quake Delirium folder into the Quake directory (so that the maxmsp patch is in \Quake and the config files are in \Quake\ID1).

Run the patch first then run the QuakeDelirium.cmd to start the game.


Key problems:
-Automation of the visual effects doesn’t always start automatically, so you may have to hit ‘start’ on automation playback in the patch, then skip back into the game to get it to work.

-The qconsole.log file is expected to be in C:\Quake\Id1\qconsole.log if that isn’t the path you need to locate it yourself by hitting the locate button. The log reading can be abit hit and miss, if it isn’t reading the patch won’t trigger automatically and picking up health won’t reset the delirium cycle. You can tell by whether the Quake Log Reader counters go up or not.

-DSP status window seems to be broken when I use it, so no audio.

quick update to this thread:

this version fixes the sound, which means you should also be able to rewire with renoise now if you want (click the midi info box to see what midi cc# control is being sent and use that to control effects on the audio track sent from the patch with renoise as rewire master, patch as slave)

automatic start of the automation is still abit flakey so you might need to start it manually, but basically it all works and is possible to play through the whole game. don’t forget to switch the dac on and find the qlog file if your path isnt c/quake. no need to install max runtime as its all included in the application.