Quality mixing tools and effects?

Hello friends.So as the title says could you recommend me some quality mixing tools and effects?Like eq ,.compressor,delay,reverb and more but don’t break the bank.

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both price and quality:

TDR top notch for eq/dynamics t


reelbus top notch plugin, among all sorts of plugins

no snake oil - no gui - pure tools for specific tasks - very briefly described every single plugin - also FREE!

Never used sknote stuff - but i’ve heard only positive things

brainworks - spl - elysia (plugin alliance) etc are too expensive for my taste but can give good results.
sonnox are also good, specially transient shaper - but not something that you cannot mimick within renoise/bitwig or whatever daw, even airwindows ‘point’ which is transient shaper does its job amazing.

for reverb i’d recommend lexicon or sonnox - but those are far from cheap… ; eventide Ultraverb - i’ve bought it for like 29$ as someone recommended it on flash sale, but is around 100 i think

There are too many (fx) plugins if you ask me.. I try to avoid ‘analog simulations’ because mostly it’s not clear what’s exactly emulated, either is some sort of ‘snake oil’. I prefer the most technical solution (alike TDR products, which are cheap, straight technical facts, everything is laid out for you to understand even if you are not coming from audio realm… it’s a breeze!), rather than just mimicking something from the past…


You have to buy on sale. The vast majority of my plugins have all been, “flash sales, Black Friday sales, summer sales, Christmas sales, just before the new version sale.”

The good news is, I have some really amazing plugins. The bad news is: its taken like 15 years to build my collection of plugins.

If you want something absolutely beautiful sounding, and doesn’t break the bank: http://www.pspaudioware.com/plugins/equalizers/psp_classicq/


steep price 69$ for an eq with such small control range, yet i love the saturation on this one!

this is a must - for everyone intending to buy anything… Daws, plugins, every software gets cheaper on black friday or around christmas - new year the most. But for cheap plugins it isn’t that much of a difference. Some plugin creators do not ‘adopt’ those ‘sales’ periods since they are cheap in the first place…

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LOL, its expensive for a plugin that doesn’t do much true. but it has such a beautiful sound quality.

For many, many years I mixed only with that and the Renoise Eq5 and 10.

Eventually adding Stillwell 1973, and more recently the API stuff from Waves.

“Waves” some people think is a dirty word, I don’t know why… Their stuff is on constant sale, and sounds pretty good, very clean, very clever and well tuned for audio


This may sound obvious. The tools don’t really matter. It is how you use them. I’ve heard great mixes with just stock tools. And terrible ones with the fanciest tools around. That said, having better tools and knowing how to get the most out of them does make your mixes sound better.

I can second the Tokyo Dawn Labs plugin that Dspasic mentioned.

Fully agree. I love the APi, CLA-2a and CLA-76. They work great. Just don’t expect a ton “character”. And indeed, pick them up when they are on sale.

Same goes for the Soundtoys stuff. Buy it when it is on sale. Their effects sounds great. Not cheap…but a lot of character.

Anyway, try to identify what you are missing in your arsenal. You might find that all you need is a couple of saturation/distortion plugins, for example.

So it might be worthwhile to buy 1 or 2 more expensive plugins that solve your problem. Rather than a bunch of cheap tools that don’t actually improve your mixes all that much.

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Whoa! First impression, that Airwindows stuff is powerful.

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Keep repeating :smiley:

Thank you all for your suggestions I will download some demos and see

Hey stoiximan,
a professional musician recommended to me the Waves Diamond Bundle. He said it’s the best there is and everything you need is inside. Maybe you can check it out, it’s not that expensive. I can’t tell you anything else about this, because I haven’t used it yet. And there is another label owner I know who recommended Izotope Ozone for the mastering, if you’re also interested in this.

I forgot to mention that you can also buy the single devices you need instead of buying the whole Waves Diamond bundle. Each costs 30 Dollars. And of course you can also do your mastering with it.

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Btw, Ledger posted this in his group buy/deal thread…

You should jump on this before it is too late


$25 - $29 or something

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Toneboosters , dmg audio and valhalla .
enough said

Aren’t you on windows or does it work well with wine?

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I am m linux but most plugins run well under wine or with linvst or carla

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