Quantisation Value Should Be Changeable Always

If the quantization button “Q” is disabled, I cannot change the quantization value anymore, but I can use the function “quantization” with a shortcut or the dropdown menu right the the value.

So in the workflow I maybe want to record without quantisation first, and then quantize it manually. But then i cannot change the value without activating recording quantization.

It makes no sense the connect recording quantization button with the general quantization value.

I’ve noticed this too and it doesn’t make sense to me.
I think the value should always be changeable and I made a thread about it but can’t find the post.

mock-up: 2974 quantize gui2.png

Yay, it’s disabled because this gives you a better visual hint that it’s disabled - that’s the only reason.
It’s indeed strange with the other quantize commands, but Syflom’s “suggested” visualization is not clear enough to me.

Maybe leave the values grey if quantization is disabled, but let it be still changeable, so the arrows are in the same grey as the number?

Bump for Jurek’s last comment. Being able to click-and-drag the value higher or lower even if it’s dulled out would be ideal.