aka recordoneverysecondtickwithoutnotedelays :D

why there isn´t such thingie in renoise? or am i just too blind.


If you simply want to record every second row, then set your editstep to “2”…

There’s no way, as far as I know, to select an already recorded chunk of notedata and quantizise it (force it to every second row after recording)


Hmmz… there is one way to double or halfsize the current selection by using the shrink or expand buttons in the advanced edit.
But those buttons are actually to expand your note integrity in cases like you expanded your pattern from 64 row to 128 and that kind of thing.(or the other way around)

i mean live midi in stream

and why isnt possible anymore´to force recorded stuff only one track (=keyjazz off?)…or make it out that it would be possible to assign certain notes to certain track…like c-4 would record in track 1, c#4 in track 2 d-4 in track 3 ectect

it´s really pain in da ass novadays to bang drums & other stuff into renoise…

peacepaecepaxpax, robert