Quantization Error Mode In Lofimat

I propose a single button for lofimat 2 that instead of outputting the lofi version of the waveform, instead outputs the difference between the original and the lofi. See the diagram below:

You want more brattzz ? Until it is done check berrtill.


I’ve actually created a simple chain in Renoise that pulls off what I want… I just think it would be better to have it in a single DSP ;)

Would you mind uploading the chain?

can’t atm… but it’s basically:

Sendtrack (S1) /w Passthru -> Lofimat -> Gainer /w both channels inverted -> Sendtrack (S1) /w Mute
Whatever other effects you want on top

With low bit depths, it creates nasty-assed distortion. I’d really like more lofi-based distortions in renoise actually. Inverse Interpolation and such… would make for more interesting soundscapes. If I ever get around to finishing some of my VSTs, I might tackle it, but until then, I’ll keep whining about it here :P

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