Quantize In Renoise?

I just started using renoise, before I was using Fasttracker 2.

In fasttracker there is an option to quantize what’s played with a midi-keyboard. (so you could record live and it would sound right).

Does anyone know if there is an option to quantize in renoise?

Hmm. This topic is older but I am also curious, if there was such a feature. When I recorded This song I used live-pianos but I had to fix almost every played note. That was not very comfortable.

Quantize was i believe the stepping mode of your row-skips.
I don’t know what FT2 specifically did with MIDI back at the time i had no MIDI keyboard to test this out.

In Renoise, only the “Record Song Delays” button in the play-control panel set’s the note on the most right row while it doesn’t loose the timing you hit that key.

It’s a rough cut though.

I constantly miss a quantisize setting while recording or quantisize a selection in Renoise.

FT2 did have “real” quantisize while recording, it was not the same thing as the step settings…

It is my understanding that pimp-ass quantisizing is planned when Renoise goes tickless.

I can’t wait for the day…

when it gos TICKLESS…? :huh:
please dont tell me they’ll loose the “delay, repeat, speed and tick” command like Arguru did.
please no. :unsure:
my style of music making is dependent on commands, commands and more commands instead of pretty efx.

Why do you think a better resolution will remove any commands? :)

For more info look at the A Question Of Speed thread.



I hope real quantisize will be implemented some time.