Quantize Nitpicking

First of all, i’m SO sorry i bring this up haha. I’ve wanted quantize for so long and now that we finally have it it feels like total shit to be nitpicking about it.


I expected quantize not to ONLY quantize notes, but also automation recording. A good example is how bpm synced effects in Ableton react when you tweak them during playback. In short, when quantizing i was hoping for right clicking sliders during playback to only record slider positions by every quantized step, not constantly.

In addition, is it even possible to have realtime quantize, in the sense that notes are recorded, not necessarily triggered, until the next quantized line, or only within a certain space of time? This is finicky stuff, but it’d help in using drum machines live for instance.

That would be easy to add, but would maybe also be annoying if the “Q” button controls the FX quantize and Note quantize at the same time. Dunno, might be worth a try.

Realtime quantization. Possible, yes, but only by delaying everything a quantum back, which again makes things really really clumsy to control. Does anyone know an app which successfully uses realtime quantization?

Yeah, the Akai MPC when you hold down the “note repeat” button. Huge part of the reason why people like using MPCs for beats.

Or an arpeggiator MIDI plug-in in a sequencer app. Not quite the same thing though.

Please add a “note repeat” feature to Renoise. It’d make it so much more an actual instrument (in the real-time performance way.)

I believe this is called EditStep in Renoise, unless you mean some complete different concept.

But you speak about usage for drum sequences which are usually fixed patterns of note data.
Copy a block and continues paste (ctrl + p) goes an advanced step further to make your life easier in this area.

The DS-10 handles this by basically checking if a note is held down within a window during the next “quantize step”. If it is? Record it. If not? Don’t.

I do most of my initial beat programming “by hand” on the DS-10 and it’s worked wonderfully. I think it’d be a very nice way to do beat programming in Renoise as well, at least a first pass before you go in and adjust.