Quantiztion Off

Is there a way to tap/play a beat into Renoises sequencer with the EXACT groove you want and not have it alter the timing of any of your hits in any way?


There is a Record note delays button next to the metronome. When “on” renoise will automatically insert note delay commands in the effects panning column of your track while recording. Does this work for you?
Maybe it’s a good idea to add a link from the Note-Delay wiki page to the option in the Player Control Panel?

Thanks for responding quickly. :) Recording note delays is still a form of quantization and the results don’t sound the same as to what I played by hand. It would be COOL if Renoise allowed the hits to APPEAR in there places as normal but then actually played them back with there slight human deviances. Delay is cool but it’s always the exact same amount of delay. I Think we need the option to turn the quantization off. Anybody else? :drummer:

you could always make a 500+ bpm song with 512 patterns for superprecise note editing :P

I like your outlook.
It might give me a headache but I’ll try it!
I was able to just hand-play the groove on my keys, while sampling it live back into renoise, while listening to my hardware drum machine for a click track. It totally worked! I got the exact feel I couldn’t get with any other method. :lol: