Quantum Leap Group-buy's

some time ago, KVR site has announced some extremely interesting group-buy’s:

East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra at 50% off:
Platinum edition at 1495$
Gold edition at 495$
Silver edition at 195$

Quantum Leap StormDrum at 50% off

Each of 4 groups have already reached their lowest price (showed above), and the offer will end at June 30th 2005!

Personally, I think I’m going to buy StormDrum, while I’ve already got a selection of Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, which has been sold as part of NI Kontakt 2 samples library, as you may have listened in my song Need to Suffer (spam :rolleyes:)

The price is tempting, though :wub: :dribble:

Nice tip It, not in the market for any of these myself at the moment but it looks like a great deal for anyone who is!

There is also a GB for the Princeton Digital Roomverb at the moment, which is apparently a very good plug. I don`t know how well it is doing at the moment but this is the thread on KvR to check if anyone is interested:


Maybe it would be a good idea to start a deals thread in the forum here so people could post and check for all these deals that pop up…

hm, I did some research on the net… and found it on www.magesy.com! just hit
Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra in search button (=
p.s. sound quality is amazing according to its demos!

so this isn’t for a Quantum Leap DVD box set?

This is really very old news… besides, there was a group-buy action for these libraries later on in November / December which had 60% discount ($398 for the gold edition) and yes these were for the DVD editions.

I’m just closing this topic to prevent folks from getting happy for nothing.