Question About A Sound Effect

First, I’d like to introduce myself. Hello, I’m new here and to Renoise. I’ve been using garageband to create music and then I learned about Renoise from a random comment on she’s Google+ account and decided to use the last of my money to buy this wonderful program. I love renoise! I have a lot to learn about it though. Nice to meet all of you. =]

I was wondering if anyone can help me with how to create a certain sound effect? I need to recreate the digital/computer sounds found after 00:30 of the Kingdom Hearts intro song in this video.

Sorry, if this isn’t the right place to put this thread.

Personnaly i’m not skilled enough to reverse engeener those sounds, there is a lot of sound effects and glitchs at 00:30 so i don’t know what sound you are speeking about, i think that this part is based on a lot of samples ( with a lot of effects ). I can recognize a part of the sample " prepare to reactivate " that you can hear in this track :

Ah, yes. I meant the glitch sounds.
I kind of figured out how to replicate the glitch effects.
I’ll check out that track you linked to. Thanks for replying!

If you know how to use Photoshop I would suggest trying to resynthesize them.
If I were to do this I would use this program: to turn the sound into a bitmap then separate the different elements in along the x-axis in Photoshop and resynthesize it to see which are which. Then clean it in PS, test it, clean it and repeat. This works well for all non-natural sounds like this one.
Most cinematic sound effects can be made with resynthesis, granular synthesis and impulse response signal enveloping.
But I warn you, I haven’t finnished a single tune since I started trying to learn these 3 tools. Sound design is a separate field that takes as much practice as music making to master.

Something like that… no… actually; just layer samples.

I think if you take a arpeggiated synth (some bass with attack), turn the resonance real high while using a low-cut filter and a lot of delay you will come close to that ‘snapping’ sound.

I’ll try that. Thanks.