Question About Automation

I am trying to do long automation curves for filters and stuff for some really progressive tracks im making at the moment. Without manually twisting knobs and recording controller messages etc, how do you do long curves? At the moment I’m having to start at the end point of the curve in each new pattern but this is really clumsy.


Clumsy indeed, but the only way to do it right now unfortunetely. I bet this will get pimped up in the next version, so I hope. :)

yea man - im not complaining - renoise is king - i like it better than logic and I paid significantly more for that! This is the second most important feature for me - the first being sync with a multitrack audio anything.


Hiya… On a PC you can record long curves into Renoise using Energy XT. It can send midi to a virtual port that can be assigned as a second input for renoise.

The editing is even easier and more accurate than in rn so I suggest everyone check this out ;)