Question about "Beat slicing" tutorial

Advance apologies for what is probably a dumb question
So from my 8 or so hours of watching video tutorials I have been taught there are two ways to slice a beat.

  1. Create markers either automatically or manually.
  2. Use beatsync (this warps the sample to the tempo so the pitch will move with it)

Now when I open up the tutorial called ‘Beat Slicing’ (that everyone starts with) there is 1 sample in it that is 100bpm. There are no markers on the sample, and beatsync is not turned on. Yet the track conforms to the tempo which is 128bpm, and is pitched up slightly as a result.

What step in the process am I missing? Is there a 3rd way to do this? I’d like to know how they did it in this tutorial but there is no information as far as I can tell.

Thank you!

Which turotial are you talking about? Is it one of the videos on the Renoise Youtube channel?

It’s possible to match your tempo without beatsync, just by manually adjusting the transpose and finetune of your sample. Takes some trial and error, but I remember doing that a lot before they introduced automatic beatsync.

Edit: Also, if you have beatsync on, you can click the “T” button next to it and it will automatically tune and transpose the sample. Then the sample will stay at that tempo even if you turn beatsync off.

It’s the tutorial called “Beat Slicing”. It’s one of about 8 tutorials that comes with Renoise. Not a youtube one, a stock one :]

I’ll have a look and see if they did that. feel free to open it up and have a look too! Much appreciated either way

Oh i see. Yeah, I just took a look. I’m guessing the pitch was just set manually.