Question About Control Vsti

Hello everybody !

I have a important question and i hope you’ve got the answer.
Actually a very option is missing in renoise for me is the possibility to list all control available for a vsti.

I test actually Live Ableton and there is a function very important : when i insert a vsti i can display all midi control available in a windows and i’ve juste to use midi learn to assign a function with a knob on my midi keyboard. It’s very simple it not be necessary to know all cc number for the vsti. And then i can let live ableton do everything and not to program the keyboard for every vsti.

(Sorry for my bad english because i’m french but i hope you understand me). :lol:

Is there such the same possibility with renoise ? Is there planned to be added in next version ?
For this missing function i don’t use renoise for the moment because i’ve downloaded lot of free vsti to make my music.

Thanks a lot for answer.

Yes we understand…
There are two solutions for your question ( ):

The VSTI control you seek for VSTI plugins is called "VST automate device in the DSP Meta devices…

If you only need to automate a few VSTI parameters, this device is a quick solution.
Also you can then map MIDI controls to the parameter sliders that you picked to automate or control.

If you want to use MIDI CC messages directly, you can use the MDI CC device instead (is highly recommended)

Mapping MIDI control knobs works the same with this device.

Also read:

Yessss wonderful. it’s exactly what i want. Thanks a lot.