Question about controlling bpm in a track ,speed up or slow down ,BPM

I have a question I used to use the program fasttracker , now of course renoise, I knew with fasttracker when entering the track at effects to increase the BPM slowly or quickly, in a song, there is hardcore in my blood, but also respect for different style , but does anyone know how to speed it up slowly or in steps fast and then slow again ?

Always check the manual. What you’re looking for is this:
ZTxx - Set tempo (BPM) (14 - FF, 00 = stop song)

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You can also automate the BPM on the master track with slopes or jumps to your desires. :slight_smile:

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I only have 3 options look at the picture, I do have renoise 3.4.2 and no demo but the original one, do I have to click on something to get even more options?
bpm probleem

Just get on the master track and you’ll be golden :slight_smile:

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master track how do you take that step and where is it? there are so many options in renoise, do you have an example picture where that is,?

You should also just go through these:

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It’s the track I have selected here. By default it is called Mst and located after Track 08.


on a related note: i want to LFO the BPM. don’t ask. but how can i do it?

Just put an LFO in the Master Track and set the ‘Dest.’ to Mixer & Transport > BPM.


thanks for the good clear information. so I can edit it even better.