Question About Crash Report Drumatic 3

Hey beautiful people.
Im just wondering about something here. Im using the drumatic 3 vst om a song just because its fun and easy to automate its parameters. But i do get this crash report when i load it:

The thing is that a part from this report it looks like everything works fine. So should i just keep on using it despite this warning, or should i just ignore it. (i know it says “DO NOT IGNORE THIS…” so pls dont point that out)

On a side note, i posted a silly video response to the autotuned “double rainbow song” on youtube. It’s not quality stuff or anything, but just for fun, just a really fast work and done with the pc mic, but its all done in renoise and i actually found it easier and faster to do in renoise it than in another DAW that i have which was very surprising to me.

Double rainbow bossa nova video resonse

Thank y’all for the overwhelming response, lol! I guess my question was too dumb! Sorry for offending your levels of IQ, lhaha.

Hey, i don’t post much in this forum, and it seems it will stay that way. I wonder if moderator can just remove my thread alltogether, pls.

Hey geiroffenberg,

sorry for the late reply. Do you get this every time you try to load Drumatic or only in a specific song? If this only happens in a specific song, try unloading the plugin and loading it again, to “reinit” it.
Such issues are most of the time bugs in the plugins or caused by broken plugin installations. Updating the plugin to the latest version may help.

If it does not, which version of Renoise, Windows and the plugin are you using?

Thanks for the reply. No, its the first time i’ve experienced it, but im automating 4-5 parameters in drumatic and thats when it started, and its the first time i’ve done that in renoise. I chose to go on with the project, and sometimes the error doesnt show up at all. The final bounces seems alright, so i dunno. IM not going to use drummatic at a new project.
The error happens when i use the LFO device to control the antomation device that controls something in drumatic 3. So its when the lafo device is added, the error report occurs.
Running the latest beta version of renoise, and the last version of drummatic, on a dual core amd winXP machine.
Anyways, again thanks for replying. As a newbie here it was discouraing to see all the others get quick replys but nothing happened here. Was even thinking about showering for a while.