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Who should I contact in UK in case of lynch organized by catholic church in European Union? There’s smartly working social mechanism threatening me with common harm against me. Partly performed right now through many years long bulling, cruelty, stealing wallet, belongings etc. Police says there’s nothing that they can do. I was informed that ECT treatment may be done. Simply not get why, as It is served to cruel, vicious or violent persons. I am taken into hospital without any background apart from the one that is prepared basing on lies. it looks like some actors convent or something. they pretend to be doctors or smth. what the hell?

any ideas?


Yeah! dafuq!

in England staff of the hospital can give ECT treatment (0.8A through the head) if they think it’s necessary. that’s legal information in hospital. not even court of justice needed or anything. sentence to death for nuffin. (0.8A is smth like 400.000 V it’s thunder tha fuk.) looks like there’s no law in this matter and they can make it regardless to law apparently. 0.8A is what the law says and this is half million volts. enough to fry someone. resistance through the head is 500kOhm - it makes 400.000 Volts it gona fry the elephant even.

if staff, that is not educated, at least majority of them, can judge - this is extrajudicial execution - lynch.

can uneducated idiot be the judge?

this is what they say on wiki:

ECT devices[edit]

ECT machine from ca 1960.
Most modern ECT devices deliver a brief-pulse current, which is thought to cause fewer cognitive effects than the sine-wave currents which were originally used in ECT.[1] A small minority of psychiatrists in the USA still use sine-wave stimuli.[96] Sine-wave is no longer used in the UK or Ireland.[97] Typically, the electrical stimulus used in ECT is about 800 milliamps and has up to several hundred watts, and the current flows for between one and 6 seconds.[98] In the USA, ECT devices are manufactured by two companies, Somatics, which is owned by psychiatrists Richard Abrams and Conrad Swartz, and Mecta. The Food and Drug Administration has classified the devices used to administer ECT as Class III medical devices.[99] Class III is the highest-risk class of medical devices. In the UK, the market for ECT devices was long monopolized by Ectron Ltd, although in recent years some hospitals have started using American devices. Ectron Ltd was set up by psychiatrist Robert Russell, who together with a colleague from the Three Counties Asylum, Bedfordshire, invented the Page–Russell technique of intensive ECT.

ect wiki

guite worrying when I didn’t do anything yet. what the hell?

and this bitchy managers nominated from the chavs that were bulling me for four years in my workplace are working there still. dismissed due to my wallet stolen by my manager and my nervous reaction (dumbass word used). how does usage of bad word go comparing to death sentence and few years long mobbing? lynch is making deep shit. madafukin catholic church.

I really doubt most people here are qualified to be giving advice on this subject, I’d suggest contacting an attorney immediately.

Hiring an attorney is step one.
Step two is to put your findings and experiences in writing, so that if ever something really worse happens to you, it will lead to a thorough investigation.
If you are in a situation where more than half of the town is against you and you cannot convince anyone to change their attitude:Leave and go somewhere where you are more welcome. It sounds pretty crappy, but if you don’t have important friends or relatives around to back you up, it’s not worth staying and risking harm or even worse.

Laffik, I work at a hospital where they use ECT therapy. It is used on psychiatric patients with severe depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. Many of the patients undergo multiple treatments over the course of weeks or months. The amount of electricity they use in a clinical setting is not intended to be lethal, but somehow it alters the patient’s brain chemistry and helps with their depressive symptoms.

I doubt they would use the ECT to kill you, unless someone from this group unethically turns up the machine too high or something like that.

Regardless, I agree with the others that you should either hire an attorney or get out of town!

Hey Laffik, a little more info about ECT and the amount of electricity they deliver I found at this site. It appears to be from a critical point of view (They look like they are saying that amount of electricity is dangerous), but the numbers look accurate

Still though, as I stated earlier, the intention is not to kill the person, at least not in a psychiatric setting. So hopefully they would not use this to kill you

so in your opinion the more the brain is damaged by the power supply getting through it and closer to death the less depressed it is. that’s good one! looks like sarcasm written into the law pages and burnt into skulls. dead bodies seems to be totally positive. aren’t you nekrophile by a chance?

I hope that bone of a skull don’t conduct the power and it goes across the skin rather.

such a shit…

Dude wtf? I was just trying to give you some info to help you out. I don’t work in that part of the hospital, I just do insurance work in the business office. I don’t have anything to do with actually administering ECT therapy to patients. It’s a large hospital and that’s just one of the things we do, and I was just trying to give you the info that I know.

I honestly don’t know how it works. I don’t think the brain is necessarily “closer to death” after the shock, but regardless, many of these are patients who have possibly already attempted suicide. So it seems to be worth the risk if there is chance for improvement.

So how is YOUR situation going? Are you going to hire a lawyer?

I can’t give advice on your particular situation, Laffik. But I have a good friend who went through EC therapy just a few months back.

She is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, which can make her life pretty miserable for periods of time. And even though schizophrenia AFAIK isn’t something you’d normally treat with ECT, the doctors decided to go along this route as her condition was pretty bad…

The treatment was administered as six sessions, each one taking place early in the day, during the course of a few weeks. For me, it’s hard to tell whether it helped her or not. I visited her a number of times during this period, and she didn’t feel good about the treatments. But it probably did have a positive effect, as her overall condition hasn’t worsened (as it did before).
She mostly complained about that after each treatment, you could get quite a headache.

Also, I urged her to take some notes of important thought & things, as ECT is known to cause some loss of memory. This, it would seem, is why the treatment is used - it is about letting go of certain thoughts, and the shock apparently is able to give this process a push.

Scary as it is, I am actually comforted by a pamphlet I read at the hospital, which stated that science doesn’t really know why the treatment is working, but it is the general perception that it does.

Laffik: I think you are good guy, good musician, and a good developer based on your Lua scripts.

That is the truth.

Some more truth? This thread isn’t reading in your favor. It reads like the rantings of someone who is mentally ill.

Peaceful life is about blending in. If you cannot blend in you will encounter resistance. So even if everything you are saying is true, your words are not a solution to your problems, rather they are part of the problems.

Get an attorney, get out of town and stay with trusted family or trusted friends, and fake it long enough to get out of this situation.

Good luck.

Try giving mind a call, you can find their details on the website: