Question About Midi Sync

I was wondering , I am planning to purchase an elektron machinedrum in the near future and how does renoise cope with receiving AND sending midi sync clock .
I have a nord modular and renoise does an adequate job of sending clock messages …but I haven’t yet tried if renoise is capable of receiving midi sync ( from the machinedrum ) and then sending midi sync to my nord modular at the same time
( which is necesarry when the modular has some stepsequencermodules in the patch )
My question is , the sync messages that renoise sends to it’s midi out , will these be the same sync messages that it receives at the input ( from machine drum ) ?
Anyone care to test this for me ?
SO short …set renoise to recieve midisync from external gear that sends midi clock messages ( drummachine ,etccc) and then sequence some other external gear that also must receive midi clock messages from renoise .


No, they will be not. Renoise is not "thru"ing them but will regenerate them. In your case it might be easier to simply send the sync to both devices at once with a patchbay or something like this…

O.k. so renoise in regene rating the sync messages …this means that it’s able to receive and send ( regenerated sync .
We’ll see in the future how well this works .