Question about new convolver

i play guitar with IR convolvers alot.

I find that new convolver gives inferior sound that plugins like kefir or lecab2 do. Since i am linux user i am very interested in convolver plugin since it doesnt need in any sort of wrapping (in dssi-vst or vst-bridge).

Why renoise convolver sounds in other way than lecab2\kefir\boogex do?

I think it is optimized for speed, low latency, low cpu use. Maybe it can get a HQ mode setting in the future?

Don’t expect any answer soon …;

kraken has become a dad now …( without being sarcastic )
About optimised for speed …;;hm .;
This reverb ( imho the best ou there ) uses the exact amount of cpu as convolver , an is also realtime …and sounds superior .

In the end …;al off of renoise effects are, sorry to say …inferior to even freeware stuff .
A bit sad , because they have potential ,.
I started a topic , charge more money for renoise , hire some seasoned dsp developers

I like Renoises native stuff a lot, sounds good (enough) to my ears, reliable (= stable) plus low cpu usage. You can’t really compare it to wares stuff, as one vst(i) often costs more then Renoise itself. I don’t want to rely on freeware vst(i) stuff too much as it can be prone to crashes, can’t have that (especially live). Plus I find the relatively few parameters in Renoises native effects compared to other plugins handy for sake of overview when automating (yeah, I know about search, but stil…).

Boils down to taste and pragmatism.

I only got LEGIT copys of reaktor/zebra/audiomulch
Al of renoise effects are recreated with reaktor
Except convolver and cabinet simulator (reaktor doesn’t do convolution …yet )
There is a lot of ‘non synthedit’ fantastic freeware .
The best renoise effetc ( when kraken came aboar) multitap has a bug …
Filter 3 sucks really hard ,ifyou ever hear a good res.filter then you know what I am talking about , it zippers all overthe place ( look at your spectrogram around 15khz)
The other effects are mediocre to say the least but usable …yes
Try this freebie and compare it with cab.sim.

Yes, the internal effects perhaps are not as good as dedicated plugins are, but they are not useless. I personally can accomplish enough with the majority of the native effects and if not: one can use plugins instead, so do not feel limited to use a far more superior plugin if the native effect doesn’t cut it for you.