Question about Renoise, Lua and external libraries.

Greets Renoisers! I’m just casting about for some feedback before I commit to a project I have in mind.

When I travel, I write a lot of my stuff in the ABC music notation language ( ) then load it into an application and convert it to .midi when I get home. I’d like to write an application for Renoise that reads the .abc file directly and imports it into Renoise without the intermediate conversion step.

The application would rely on 2 external libraries: and Both are in the Public Domain so there’s no legal issues. I have some experience, not much, with Lua so it would be both a new application for Renoise and a learning experience for me.

So, my questions. In general terms, is this feasible? Does Renoise pose any particular restrictions on incorporating external Lua libraries? I’m still in the midst of studying the Renoise Lua API so I simply can’t tell if this project is doable or not.

Any feedback or pointers would be appreciated.

Cheers :slight_smile: