Question about Renoise (portable) installs and stuff

I realise this is a weird question but is (and can it be) Renoise (demos and older releases) available anywhere as a binary archive rather than installer? Can’t do installs on the system I’m using (Win7, if anyone cares)so that’d be more portable.

Thought I’d ask.

No,you can search for ‘portable renoise install’ on the forums to find out the detail why. Or do you mean you just is there any zip there you throw the files around and register things yourself, either way the answer is no I’m afraid.

Hmm… Read a bit about it and it’s somewhat unconclusive (for my case anyway). I use only a bunch of ‘loose’ vst’s and renoise version 1.8 (made my tunes in this release and 3.0+ completely screws them up and vst’s tend to crash too). So technically running it from a usb drive or something is technically possible with a slight tweak in folders and sys files (I have access to the registry on this puter for some reason). But then again, if it’s so ‘path-specific’ as people say…

Oh well, I thought I’d try. Thanks anyway.

Technically speaking, the application should run from pretty much anywhere. It’s no problem to simply copy the whole Renoise program folder to another drive or USB stick, for example. However, Renoise will expect to find its config files already installed on the system (in the %appdata% folder on Windows), and will automatically recreate them from default settings if they are not found. You will therefore need to manually copy your Renoise config to the computer in question, if you care about your preferences, key bindings, VST paths, and so on.

This goes without saying, but it’s important to reiterate anyway:
Please be extra super duper careful with your personal licensed copy of Renoise!

It’s highly inadvisable to install/copy your personal copy of Renoise on any public or shared computer, as you very easily run the risk of spreading your license to others and getting your license deleted in the process.

In general, Renoise is not currently intended to be portable. If you just want to doodle some ideas on the go, then it’s probably much safer and more advisable to use the demo version instead. You can still load and save your work just fine, and then bring your ideas home later to work on them properly.

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I had in mind. I thought it should technically work but wasn’t sure.

No way I’d put up a licenced copy up for public! Like leaving your wallet out there in the open.

Thanks regardless.