Question About Sample Cds

Hiya, I’ve been using Renoise for some time now, mostly just by sampling my own sounds in WAV format and importing them into custom Renoise Instruments. I’d like to expand on my current collection by buying some sample CDs, but they seem to be in formats that I don’t quite understand.

Is there a good online FAQ about these formats? The options for a CD I’m after are:

SF2 WAV 16-BIT CD <- I guess this is only for sound cards that support SF2?

I suppose they’re in these formats so that each sample contains a complete set for polyphony reasons?

Sorry, I really am a newbie about these things.

You can convert these formats to wave. Cdxtract is a good tool for converting.

converting those formats to WAVs would be not so good, because these kind of files are designed to be “multilayered”, id est you have more than one single sample for a single note:

for example, pick a snare multilayered sample:
there could be a sample for the full velocity (in ReNoise: volume 40), one for the 3f-3a range, one for 39-34 range, and so on…

if you convert such a schema into WAVs (actually, AKAI, HAlion and Kontakt have the WAV files already available directly into the folders), you will of course lose this feature.

Thanks for the info guys.

Guest: Awesome! I downloaded that and some sample SF2 banks and it’s excellent. This is going to be very useful indeed, many thanks. The sounds I’m after are olde-worldy style church organs and bells etc. to accompany an animation I’m working on, and making a realistic grungey organ sound using VSTi synthesis alone never seems to quite “get there”.

Enigmatic: Even though I need the polyphany intact, that would be very useful for extracting some standalone sounds. I’ll look into that, thanks.

It_Alien: Yep, I also figured that even if I seperated each octave-related WAV out, it would be hideously time-consuming to create a custom instrument for each sound. Cheers.

EDIT - and I’ve just found a ton of SF2s on HammerSound with exactly the right sounds, so it’s all good. :)