Question about Signal Follower

In a situation where you have something like a bass-line ‘ducking’ under the kick drum via signal follower. If you were to mute the kick drum then the bass no longer ducks.

How would I be able to still get the bass to duck without actually having the kick drum playing?

You could put a gainer after the signal follower and then set the gain to -INF.

The kick will still be going through the signal follower and causing the bass to duck, but the sound of the kick itself will be muted.

Semi-related question, why does the fader/pan in the Mixer view control this instead of this? If it were the latter, the solution to OP’s question wouldn’t require adding a device. I also think it makes more sense, but I’m eager to hear the reasoning.


Please take a look at the Pre/Post toggle switch in the Mixer view.

When it’s set to “Pre”, then you’re controlling the levels before the signal is processed by the DSP chain.

When it’s set to “Post”, then you’re controlling the levels after the signal has been processed by the DSP chain.

The pre mixer levels can be automated, but the post mixer levels cannot. That’s why I recommended using a Gainer device positioned after the Signal Follower — because the gain can be automated.

I see, thanks.

Yep, Thanks!