Question About Soundcard And Asio

I need to buy a new laptop. The XPS 15 from DELL looks really promising, but according to the person from client-support the integrated sound-card is not compatible with ASIO. Does this mean I won’t be able to use Renoise on this laptop? Is there a way I can buy this laptop and can still produce smoothly on Renoise?

Soundcard: Realtek ALC665
Video-card: 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M
Processor: Intel Core i5-2450 (2,5 GHz)
Hard drive: 500 GB

Thanks for helping me out!

Hi! You can use Renoise on any laptop (I have Dell Vostro 1320 and very pleased)! But in any case you need external sound card because Realtek is not for music (it’s only for sound “ta-da-da-dam” when Windows is opening)))))))))))))))))))))) Try M-Audio or something…

Sorry for my bad English!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen onboard sound chips that have ASIO drivers!

Of course you can still use Renoise. You can use it using the default WDM/DirectX driver. Or you can most likely install ASIO4All and get (some level of) ASIO support that way and thus hopefully lower latencies.

Or you could install Linux and run it under Jack/ALSA.

On-board sound is never recommended for serious use. Lucky I’m not a serious person as I seem to end up using it far too often ;)

Thanks for the help! I just found out I’ve been using direct sound myself for years without knowing. Maybe I should have searched for answers before posting here. :rolleyes:

asio4all works well, in some cases even better than tailored asio-drivers

This is true. It also often allows merging of ASIO streams (allowing you to have more than one program open using ASIO at a time) which you may find the manufacturer’s driver does not.

maybe this fits somehow :

I have one of them :)