Question about the Mxx command

It says the Mxx command sets the velocity, but a later Mxx command affects notes that are still playing. What setting exactly is affected by this command, and where can i see it?

It may be a typo or a slightly misleading tooltip, but 0Mxx sets the channel volume, ie. the volume of any voices playing in the track.

Sample Commands

0Mxx - Set channel volume level, 00 = -60db, FF = +3db

Ah, i see… since 0Lxx controls the pre-mixer volume, i expected 0Mxx to control the post-mixer volume, but that’s not the case. It seems it sets the volume (ie. velocity) of all notes currently playing in the track, which would be useful with NNA’s that would otherwise cause control of those notes to be lost. Is my assumption correct?