Question About The Position Editor In 1.5

…but im kinda perplexed about the position editor. In 1.28 i could insert a blank pattern at the length of my choice…now it seems the only way to create a new pattern is to duplicate what i already have and then go through the trouble of making each following pattern unique so that my original pattern is not automatically dropped in upon editing…etc

And i am curious as to how i can lengthen each pattern from the start, before i even begin…so that i can successfully create a 4 bar loop in one pattern…as opposed to going thru the motions of duplicating, making unique…etc.

sorry if this is an obvious thing im missing, but haha its making my use of 1.5 a little less desirable…even though its something so minor :P

any help or direction to help would be mas appreciated :)

Do I understand you correctly?
Your problem is that you want to set the pattern length before you create new patterns?
Or don’t you just find the place where to set the pattern length?
If the second is your problem, then I understand it. It’s been discussed here already and well…Yes, it’s not easy to find. Sagosen found it:
It’s in the upper left corner of the pattern editor. Just search there for the number ‘40’ once you started Renoise.
But if you want to set the pattern length before creating it (and further ones), than I can’t help you. And if there was an option in Renoise 1.281 to make it create every pattern with a different length than the usual 40 instead of setting it each time, then I missed it.

thank you very much…you did help answer my question…i know the second question is a little unclear…mainly i was asking the same thing twice…sorry about that but thanks for your help…that makes a big difference :)

no problem :)