Question About Using Repeater

on the master track, there some repeater usage, I’m trying to figure out how to use it to eliminate the artifact, making it seamless when grabbing the buffered sample.

any suggestions?

At the moment the Mode parameter needs to be switched fully off and then back on again to make the effect reset, so it’s not really possible to trigger both of those events on exactly the same pattern line. You can get some smoother results if you automate the Mode parameter in the graphical envelopes instead, because then you can zoom in a lot closer and put the off/on events almost exactly in the same position.

For example, turning the effect off before almost instantly turning it back on again:
2729 repeater-mode-points.png

This is still not perfect, but it works a lot better when I tried it in your song.

What the effect really needs is a Reset button, similar to the LFO Device. I will try to add such a thing.

Nice one. Thanks!

This repeater is one seriously bad mtherFcker.

I hope you can figure out some way around that thing we talked about to eliminate those artifacts.

like being Remarc 2.0 with it.

Heavy! :D :yeah: :drummer:

May be better to send all your drums to a send track, and then only apply the Repeater to the send? That way you don’t mess with the bassline while you’re going apeshit with the retriggers :)

That’s the whole ultracut bass THOOM THOOM!
sadly I can’t hear it on real bass system currently so something could be going on I’m unaware of.