Question about vst 3 and midi out

I’ve got a question about how exactly vst 3 uses midi out information
I am using the roland editor ( vst 3 ) for my integra , and it works fine ,usinge it only to send sysex info .
There is a bidirectional connection between the editor and the hardware over usb using the integra combined midi/audio usb interface .
The thing is that the midi connections are set up in the editor itself , an not via renoise midi in /out.
Whenever I make changes to the editor these are reflected on the hardware but renoise midi out indicator shows no activity .
So my questoin is , is vst3 handling midi separate from the host ?

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With bidirectional I mean that changes on the hardware are reflected on the editor and vice versa , maybe with a few ms of delay due to the serial nature of midi.
What do you mean it doesn’t use midi ?
The editor is sending sysex data which is midi after all , and inside tje editor I had to choose the midi busses which are indeed the drivers.
But it’s still using midi , renoise is just not aware of it , hence my original question about vst 3

If it is not midi , what is the integra then receiving ?
Really curious , since it’s midi indicators light up.

Edit , ah ok … so the editor is talking ‘non midi ‘ language to the driver , and the driver sends these messages as midi sysex to the integra .
Something like that ?

Closed system…with USB it’s easy

Maybe a LINUX or BSD guy has made some work on it?

I think this is not midi…
Maybe Integra hardware translate it to midi

It’s closed source…impossible to understand without reverse enginering and/or “software” disassembling

Problem solved?

It wasn’t really a problem , just a question .
Thanks for the info

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