Question Before I Order.

Hello, this is my first post, and oddly enough, it happens to be a question.

I am about to order renoise, and I am wondering, is this actually mailed to you? Or is your password and stuff sent through email as well?

I just want to make sure before I purchase it, thanks!

There is no physical product, therefore no package to deliver by postal service. After purchasing, you will receive a login to the Renoise backstage user area, where you can download your fully licensed copy of Renoise, as well as get support and other benefits for registered users.

Thank you sir, that answered everything.


Welcome to the community :)

Thank you :)

I played with the demo and I loved it, its exactly what I was looking for. And I just now ordered it.

Thanks again, hope I can get integrated into the community.

You just have :) Welcome to the Legion of Hex!

Next step is the tattoo.

secret handshake :yeah:

That is usually not a problem. Even without registration.
What does matter for lots of us is how soon can you show off your stuff in the music forum ;)

I showed off my music when I first bought Renoise, and got no response. Don’t bother posting it unless it’s the style of music they like. Also, a serious welcome.

No or very low responses can happen if you only post it here, but it will for sure be downloaded.
A better advise is probably to tag your stuff properly and then post it on a music site where you can for sure have some audience for your type of music and get comments there (like soundcloud). Afterwards just add a link here on the music forums.

I often check out some stuff. Some of it really have beginners level, but there is also a lot of stuff that i can judge sounding good by the way the song is constructed. Yet simply the material is not my style.
I don’t feel being the correct person to leave a response on material that simply isn’t my style so my opinion will then always be biased the wrong way if i would leave it.
I’ld rather give motivational input than only submitting critics on technical minorities.

Typically in these communities, your tracks will get more comments after you gain a reputation in the forum as someone that listens to a lot of other posters’ music. I saw that you have already commented in some other posters’ threads; keep doing that and others will reciprocate when you post your tracks.

Thanks for the welcome guys. :D

I already love Renoise, I played with the demo and loved it.
Mainly I am going to make oldschool/rave tracks. Also some Acid House, House, and Breakbeat.

(My inspirations happen to be Prodigy, Altern 8, Scooter, The Movement, DJ Sy, DJ Brisk, Maurice, Phuture, etc etc)

That’s usually my style, hopefully when I make some tracks, you will like them :)

Already got tons of samples, and bought some VST instruments as well.

Welcome mate. And if you already love Renoise yet, i just imagine how much you will love it when you are getting deeper into it… ;)