Question... Coldplay - "in My Place" Sounds Like?

I was hearing a song from Coldplay called In My Place.
A few strokes of the instrumental part sounded like a song some chick sang but i can’t remember the title and artist…


what I know is that coldplay already has proven guilty with musical theft with the song “talk”. just remember kraftwerks “computer love”

No theft, they did it with permission. According to the Wikipedia, that is:

coldplay - the next generation of a-ha.

:huh: k. I didn’t know. I guess they’ve proven innocent then.

how so?

Duh… a pity i had to found out the answer about my own question myself:
Nathalia Imbruglia - Shiver, amazed to hear some notes inspired on Coldplay instead of Coldplay pulling somebody else’s legg.
Also funny one of the older Coldplay songs have a title “Shiver”.
What a coincedence.