Question: DC offset on master?


wouldn’t it be better if a dc offset device was there instead on master? Maybe it’s better to fix dc offset on the channel/generator that causes it. I doubt the dc offset algorithm is capable of finding it in a massive sum…? Or doesn’t it matter?

Oh damn there is already a dc offset device :smashed: :blink:

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If you have 20 tracks and only 1 of them is causing a DC offset/bias problem, then it’s much better to simply fix that single problematic track/sound, rather than applying the DC correction to the entire mix.

The built-in DC filter on the master track is more of a convenience than anything else. I would typically recommend leaving it disabled.

The algorithm that corrects the DC offset/bias is really just a high-pass filter that removes extremely low frequencies (which the DC offset/bias can be considered as). While the filter itself is designed/tuned to not affect “normal” frequencies too much, it’s still not necessarily the best idea to apply this thing to your whole mix, as it may cause some phase shifting.

Thanks for info.