Question; How will a MIDI controller with "endless" type knobs function?

Like on the Akai MPK Mini MK3 for example.

I want to use knobs that doesn’t set themselves on one value, so if I rotate the volume one one channel, change the MIDI CC preset via the controller itself so the knob has a different function (like delay send) I want it to continue turning it up/down from the position it was in software, not in the hardware positon like on regular knobs that have a start and end position.

I hope I was able to explain this properly.

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What messages do the endless rotaries send? Is it always the same (albeit different depending on clockwise or counter-clockwise)?

Generally each USB MIDI controller has a specific firmware designed by the brand. In this way, it can behave differently than another MIDI controller. Some allow modifying the behavior of these controls using attached software. In fact, it is essential to pay attention to this detail before purchasing a USB MIDI controller.

An infinite turn knob can be configured in Renoise in several modes (MIDI Mapping → Map Mode). But the two most important are relative or absolute, precisely because of the previous detail.

  1. In relative mode you can make increments of +1 or decrements of -1, ideal for infinite knobs. Even with LUA tools you can vary this value. This is what you will be looking for.
  2. In absolute mode the range works from 0 to 127 (128 values), designed for knobs with limited rotation.

Try the relative modes of your knobs. For Renoise, I always recommend that any user who wants to buy a MIDI controller, choose infinite knobs. You can reach any value, no matter how high it is. In addition, you can switch between different parameters without “experiencing jumps” annoying.

For example, if you want to navigate through the 255 instruments available in the instrument box, you will not be able to do it correctly with a limited turn knob or fader, since they are limited to 128 values. Renoise has hundreds of examples like this one.

From my point of view, the limited-turn knobs are a distasteful joke of the ancestor, and unfortunately countless MIDI controllers today still use them, especially the cheaper ones.

The ideal control is an infinite turn knob with a display that reflects the value if possible.

Always use infinite turn knobs. For limited things there are already faders.