Question regarding Rewiring Reaper

Ok so I need to record some metal guitar for a track I’m making. I already have a DSP chain setup for it and it sounds absolutely delicious. (I got carried away and pissed away 45 minutes playing power chords and shit, the tone sounds soooo good.) So here’s ideally what I’d like to do: record guitar in Reaper rewired into Renoise, and have it pass through this DSP chain in Renoise. I’m thinking that last part might not be possible, but I CAN just reconstruct the tone in Reaper if I have to, but the problem I’m running into with that is I can’t figure out how to actually do it.

Unrewired (dewired?) I can do it just fine, just click on input and select it from the dropdown menu under mono. But when it’s rewired, there’s nothing there to select. And it records nothing when I record. So I guess it’s just letting Renoise handle the audio input? I have the right device setup in Renoise and recording samples in Renoise works fine with it. How do I get that into Reaper (so I don’t have to deal with managing a dozen guitar samples that are just big recordings, either multiple instruments for what is actually one instrument or multiple samples in one instrument but having to keep up with the keyzones and shit, and if one sample goes over a pattern length it won’t be triggered if I need to replay the second pattern, etc. etc.)?

one way is to use “rearoute” from renoise into reaper. set renoise asio as rearoute1 and select it as an input in reaper. once the input is setup renoise device has to be “reinitialized” then it will be ready to passthrough.
[if there is no rearoute asio device, run reaper’s install and make sure all the “additional functionality” is + expanded and checked"]
dub all day, any sound out of renoise can be recorded live.

also i gotta hear this effects chain! is it native or vst?

Thanks for the help! I stole the chain from this guy:

It’s VST, all free plugins.

I reran Reaper’s installer to check Rearoute, and sure enough I have that option now. However when I select that as my device (and reinitialized), the song cannot advance. If you click play or record, it just sits there. It doesn’t freeze or anything, the song just won’t advance. You can even click stop to stop it from playing, but it’s playing without moving forward.

edit: I’m just making Renoise slave instead, problem solved (for now).

yeah that is the non-rewire way. for all the BPM sync and pattern following you must start reaper first, then renoise, it will say “connect to rewire as slave”. then add rewire as an FX in your reaper track. this will follow along the patterns. The cool thing is you can do BOTH AT ONCE. have 2 instances of renoise running, one as rewire slave and another as rearoute output. BUT do not even think of adding one more instance, heh.

And of COURSE after all that, I think my song is going to sound better if I forgo the guitar. Such a shame… I’ll write a metal song one of these days…

Hey people!
Hope this gets into the right tread! lol
I having issues with Renoise doesnt get recongnized as slave. Anybody had that before or know how to fix it?

I open up Reaper, choose Renoise in the rewire menu and renoise opens up but it doesnt ask for slave mode and starts up as usual.
They are both 64bit installations. Running windows 10.