Question Time: Loading Samples From Network Share/Drive

Am I right in thinking that you currently CANNOT load a sample from a network drive within Renoise? If so, PLEASE add this feature to the next update guys! It would make my life a lot easier for sure.

If I’ve somehow overlooked the fact that this can be done, then please, by all means tell me!

If you’re talking about what I think you’re talking about, then just open the network drive, click-drag-drop the sample into renoise’s sample bank.

Is there a problem by mapping a network drive prior to opening Renoise?

It’s no problem here on Windows XP.
I know Vista is messing things up with network drives.

Vista is just damn slow regarding network drives, that is nothing Renoise can do anything about.

Well, what I meant is, in the Disk Browser menu, where you can see all your drives on your comp, plus the little home icon, and the Renoise folder icon, is there any way to make your network drives show up in that area?

Ideally, I’d love to be able to goto Disk Browser, scroll down, and be able to click on one of my drives on one of my other comps, or an external connected to another machine in my network, and be able to load from that device into Renoise.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough with my post.

If you follow the steps in Bantai’s link the drive will show up in the diskbrowser.

yeh the only way to get the network drives to show up is mapping them to assign them drive letters. Bantai’s link explains how to do this.
you may need to redo this everytime you reboot though.

Thanks guys, I’ll look into that.

Any chance this could be implemented in future Renoise releases? :D

i dont actually understand what your problem is :) if it isnt mapped to your computer as a drive then its not “network drive” as you are referring, rather its “network share”. As many allready said “network drive” will show up in disk browser. Do you mean that you want to be able to browse the network from fisk browser?

Actually i dont see a problem in maping your shares, you dont have to map it every time you boot. You can make this mapping permanent or if it doesnt work for some reason then you can make a startup script that maps your network shares at startup.

This type of platform specific features is not going to get implemented… Please manually map the drive to a drive-letter and it will be listed inside Renoise.
You can configure windows to restore the mapping as soon as you log on (or the machine is hooked tothe network)

A direct connection using a fully qualified server/domain/pcname is not going to work that way on Mac or Linux either. Another reason for a no-go is the lousy documentation of Microsoft (proprietary handling) and prone to changes (security wise but also handling wise) each new Windows release.
It ain’t worth the time investment.