Question to all fellow virus TI users


Too often my virus ti arps are not in sync when i press play. Maybe because i dont use the precount in renoise, it is one complete bar and i dont have the patience (i press the space bar lots of times). So are the people here that have no trouble at all with the arps??..

How thight are your arps with renoise using VC and how did you set it up

  • are you using snow/ TI 1/ TI 2
  • separate USB card/PCI or PCIe (which chip brand)
  • what samplerate and buffer size
  • are you using usb outs simultaniously with analog outs
  • do you use the precount

My setup:

  • TI version 1 with latest OS
  • PCI usb card with VIA chipset (only the virus attached)
  • Motu 828mk3 hybrid @ 44.1kHz with a 512 samples buffer (im on the save side ;)) with a separate Texas Instruments firewire PCI-e card
  • I use both Usb and analog outputs
  • I don’t use a precount (wich is adviced by access)


Ok synch, not great all the time, don’t use ARP’s that much.
Sometimes it flipps for a short while but those are not common and is solved by just stopping the music until the synch light is pulsing evenly again.
If you have a test XRNS I can always check and see if I get the same issues.

My Setup:
TI Snow, latest OS.
Motherboard/Built-In Intel ICH10 Family USB chipset, sitting alone on that USB port.
Motu Ultralite mk3, 44.1KHz, 256 samples, Motherboard/Built-In Texas Instruments Firewire port.
Only use the USB outputs at the moment.
Don’t use precount.

Hi Haplo,
So you have some issues aswell…
I managed to improve the preformance a lot by turning on legacy usb support in the bios, so i think it’s oparating normal now.
I also noticed my lfo1 and lfo2 rate lights don’t go completly blank anymore. But is think this is something for the virus forum :)

I wouldn’t call it “issues” (for me) but yes the timing isn’t rock solid all the way all the time.
This however isn’t anything new to the TI, people have complained about this since the TI was launched.
Head over to the Access forums and read the threads that already exist about this issue.

I am using TI 2 with USB. The buffer size is generally 256. I don’t use pre count, but if I tweak start / stop very fast, Virus gets out of sync, so I have to wait a couple of seconds (all the signals die for sure). I think this happens more often with 512 buffer. But this is not a problem actually, I think I have found the right pace of hitting that space bar :)

With three USB outs I am losing some sounds randomly (I think I run out of band width or something.). By grouping instruments with two USB outs I havent’ notice this problem. Lately I’ve been using freeze track tool to be able to tweak instruments individually during mixing.

I will try a buffer of 256. I remember having better results with that too.
It gets even worse when also using the analog outs… seems its like that since os5
Thanks for the help.