Question to loop a sample and how to undo

i can’t find in the manual how to find best a loop point.

i have a string sample with a length of 4 seconds. And i want that the loop point is from 0,7 to 1.7s. (see screenshot)

What is the fastest way to make it without crackling. I know the “creating crossfading loop” function - but this makes the loop start in the middle of the sample and the end always at the end.

And how can i undo? the hook is set, but i can’t find the function.

Loop - Redux

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I found out, that i can select a area at the end, and than from the middle to the End the loop is created via “creating crossfading loop”


And if i select in the middle, the loop is created in the middle 33% of the selection


Can someone explain this? and how the Undo function works…?

depending on the sample, especially if it’s acoustic, you may have better luck by looping a single cycle of the waveform. it then becomes quite static in character, but will have no pops or clicks or audible variation. you could then add some variation back in (tremolo, vibrato, etc) in the modulation section.
Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 7.55.20 AM

For setting loop points, I like to enable snap at zero crossings, zoom in (using the mouse scroll wheel), then use command+shift+L to create the loop. If you want to select an already established loop, command+L is useful as well.

The crossfading function works well with samples that are already fairly consistent. Otherwise it tends to alter the sound quite a bit, in my experience

Not sure what you mean about the undo function. renoise supports undo pretty deeply, I think from the beginning of the project load. command+Z is the hotkey

If you know that you want that particular section to loop, and you want the variation in there, but dont want any pops or clicks, just enable snap to zero, zoom in to find the beginning of the wavecycle for your start point, and the end of a wavecycle for the end point.


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Undo Strg+Z works - but unfortunately no buttons on the GUI
In Ardour works this only, if the button on the top right is activated (green). Other ways Ardour takes the shortcuts for itself.

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yeah, I don’t know of an undo function in the gui itself, sorry

No problem - i know now how undo works (with strg+z)