Question: Vocals creative

Hi guys,

I was wondering how do you guys process your vocals within the renoise (only)

  • Is there a way to make vocoder-alike approach?
  • Is there a way to finetune vocals (using some tools, or maybe automate pitch/fine?)
    ( actually i’m just wondering if anyone is doing this, still haven’t tried out )
  • Your creative vocal processing? (not the dynamic processing or eq, rather some more creative approach)


Do you mean using only Renoise native fx and commands?

If so, I don’t know if there’s a way to do a vocoder with just Renoise… you could get some pitched modulations and stuff with commands but it wouldn’t be what you’re looking for. As for fine tuning, I suppose you could chop a vocal into slices and fine tune each one, and then sequence the slices back in the correct order… but that would probably drive me insane eventually!

Renoise is good for creative processing though, just play around with the bundled effects. I would try to avoid actively altering the pitch of the vocal, because it’s really just a long sample and it will drift out of time if you start messing with the pitch/playback speed.

Now if you’re open to using third party plugins, you can definitely do a vocoder in Renoise, but it isn’t very intuitive to setup. There’s tutorials out there and also free vocoder vst’s. I’ve used the Melda Talkbox one myself and can verify that it works within Renoise.

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You could render a pattern worth of the vocals, set beat sync just in case, put S00 in the first line, and something like SF8 in the last (the exact value needed depends on the number of lines in the pattern), fill all lines with notes, select the whole track, and interpolate that linearly in advanced edit. then you can remove notes from that as you wish and slide pitch up and down, go backwards and forwards, without a care in the world :slight_smile: