Questions about a sampler on which you can also play melodies,

Dear people, I started in the 90’s with fatsracker but then they stopped and I switched to renoise, always on the PC, but I still had and have expanded my wish with a 5.1 speaker set. I have questions about purchasing a sampler , I want to wonder is there already samples in a sampler or do you have to purchase it and can you connect the samler to renoise . I can make music but I have trouble maturing with apratuur , hence my question for advice , and explanation , kind regards Marc de Zeeuw

The question is what could add to your music an hardware sampler cause me I had an akai s 6000 Yamaha a 3000 4000 and I sell all cause renoise Is out of the Box.
But I could be interesting I f you have special need

If you want software samples…

I uploaded SGM Compact xrni. I converted sf2 to xrni files and fixed some things. Its a large library of instruments. Download, extract, put the folder in your Renoise/User Library/Instruments directory and open them in Renoise with the instruments browser.

For more information Soundfonts 4U
Note you cannot use soundfont2 in Renoise without another VST or converting them.
Either use sforzando ( easy ) or convert them ( advanced ). I used GitHub - atsushieno/sf2xrni: Converts SoundFont sf2 file to Renoise XRNI files to convert

These days, samplers are deeply integrated into DAWs – I think of Renoise as a ginormous sampler itself, with the ability to chop, tweak, and retune samples so you can play them expressively. Of course there are also VST samplers you can plugin to Renoise.
As for the samples themselves, looks like :point_up_2: there’s a lot there (and also everywhere).

I’m agree with you