Questions about functionality before purchasing


I am very interested in purchasing Redux to use in conjunction with Ableton Live. In this reddit post the OP mentions that there is some difficulty editing phrases because they begin on the first MIDI beat which sounds like it can make editing phrases at certain points difficult if it is not lining up. Wanted to clarify if there is a work around, if this has been fixed, or if this is not as a big deal as it seems to be.

Second, I wanted to see if I could get a direct answer about MIDI out functionality ever being implemented so that Redux could be chained or trigger other plug-ins/hardware.

Thank you.

I think the OP’s intention was to trigger one phrase, and while the phrase is playing, trigger another phrase, have the second phrase interrupt the first phrase, and have the second phrase start playing at the location that the first phrase was interrupted. At least that what I am understanding from the post.

This is currently the way Redux still works. The only workaround is to use Offset Phrase Key Tracking.

No MIDI out.