Questions about the Plugin Grabber

Hi guys, relatively new Renoise user, planning to purchase soon.

First, let me say why I LOVE the Plugin Grabber - because I absolutely hate VSTs - the idea of being dependent on all these programs installed via Windows, each one with a different interface. I just find it all so messy and confusing. I like to keep things simple and just want all my instruments to be standard files in my own directories, that I have direct access to.

So that’s why I love the idea of the Plugin Grabber. Now I just have a few questions about it…

  1. First, is this feature unique to Renoise? I honestly don’t think I could use any DAW that didn’t have it!

  2. Secondly (and this is really my main question), for sample-based plugins, is the Grabber able to automatically detect the note/velocity range/steps, as well as loop points - just by analysing the samples? I suspect it can’t, but to me this seems like it would be really useful to avoid unnecessary sampling, and bad looping.

  3. Does the Plugin Grabber allow for round robin (variant) samples? I see nothing about that in the settings.

  4. Finally, does anyone know of any software that can extract the samples directly from plugins, so there’s no re-sampling/loss of quality involved?

no, it’s a feature used by a lot of software and hardware out there.
e.g. logic pro x:
or in the hardware realm, current gen mpc:
or with specialized software like samplit:

it can neiter detect note ranges nor velocity steps. in fact there is no “intelligence” or detection algorithm at all behind it. so no loop points either.
you always seem to think it was solely or at least primarily designed for resampling other (multi) sampled instruments. i guess you’re mistaken there. you can use it for that of course, but it’s a plugin and not a sample grabber. the plugins i grabbed so far have all been softsynths for instance.

no, that would be a feature to be implemented for the sampler in the first place.
it is possible in the sampler already, but not in the plugin grabber

i would call the described process as “ripping” rather than “grabbing”.
you’d certainly scratch some copyrights offering, or at least, using a software like that, if it existed.

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Thanks for the answer Keith!

Shame! I will have to request this (including loop points and round robin) as I think it would be useful.

Well the Renoise tutorial video suggests that the Grabber is most useful for sample-based plugins, but to clarify that I was talking about samples, I did begin my question with:

Perhaps but I see nothing wrong with ripping the samples I’ve paid for and own, for my own use.

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it shows sampling of synth- and sample-based plugins likewise. it’s not suggesting to be especially suited for one or the other in particular.

yes, you did - sorry, my bad.

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Update: I have now filed a feature request for this, which is here if anyone is interested.

I may have misunderstood him, but I was thinking of what he said at this point in the video:

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