Questions Before Purchasing

Hey Renoise Staff & Forum People,

Before purchasing Renoise, I had a couple questions about the program.

  1. Can I import mp3 songs into Renoise in order to create a remix?
  2. Is it possible to record my voice through a microphone to add vocals to a track?
  3. Would I be able to use a keyboard hooked up to the computer and record notes directly onto Renoise?
  4. How many more preset beats and audio control (Eg. Reverb, AuLowpass, etc.) come with the full version?


  1. Yes, but you need to have Quicktime or Quicktime alternative installed.
  2. Yes, when you go to the sample editor you can select any input of your soundcard with the recorder.
  3. Yes, Renoise accepts MIDI input, you can record them realtime or by step.
  4. this is the same as in the demo version. Most common effects are present check here

There is extra content and samples available from Backstage to registered users though, but exactly the same DSPs.

Preset beats/demo songs etc is same in both (no preset beats from how I think you mean it.)

And don’t forget this resource, available to everybody:

Thanks everybody, I think I’ll get this program for my birthday. =)