Questions For The C Programmers Here:


we started messing with C in school last week, with the objective of being able to write our own Max/Msp plugins, but all the lectures are aimed at compilers and stuff on the Mac. I needs some good Pc utilities for this and thought of you guys first for the expert info :)

Could you please reccommend me some good resources on programming plain C on the web (pdf’s / text / books etc)?
Could you please direct me to the best C compiler/utilities for the Pc?

forever in your debt,

Richard Jonas

Cheers for that Link Bantai! Downloading as I type this :)

I have programmed a while with the Pelles C IDE, very nice and stable. The PRF Viewer was programmed by me for example.

And a very good book for learning C:

wow, cheers for that, choice. I was considering learning max/msp because of all the hype surrounding it (and that autechre use it :unsure: ), but you’ve saved me the bother. There’s nothing worse than timing issues. tut tut cycling '74.

Have you used pure data on os x? Does it integrate well i.e. via vst and so on? I like using bidule because it’s nice and easy and still versatile enough to sketch ideas quickly without getting bogged down in operational symantecs (but of course, pays a price in cpu load) but I’m always open to other ideas.

Sorry Jonas for the OT. Er… I always used gcc in the form of mingw, but Bantai has already recommended that. I’ve taken the old school aproach of makefiles though (avoid if you can!).

this thread peaked my interest again with using pd, so i found this.

i hope this guy hasnt quit working on it. it seems alot of the user & dev base is gone, probably moved on to either sc3 or chuck. seems the linux an mac guys are still to be found.

okay for anyone interested, i found a bunch of patches, externs, stuff i had not seen before, in cvs for pure-data.…e-data/#dirlist
a bunch of stuff that isnt included in the distributions. i guess because filesize & most ppl would be compiling form source anyway. if your not using osx or linux then i dont know how you would compile it. i couldnt even figure out how to check out modules in windows. if you are using linux or osx then you my friend are in luck! just use the terminal for all of it. =D

i guess the goals would be #1] see if theres the ability to run pure-data in renoise, as a vsti and/or vst fx. #2] see if there is the ability to make a group of generative sequences route into a instantiated vsti. then maybe, see if theres the ability to run that into a vst fx, an even back into pd for a combfilter. xD

i found something even more enticing,
it would be so f****ing cool if renoise took hint an was able to do something similar to this brainstorm!

an excellent installer site was recommended to me:
well the vst extern only work iin windows :confused: (was looking forward to the possiblities of using it on my ibookkie)
nevertheless hans does some nice workwith compilation, theres a sweet doc’s browser now under the help menu. much much better then the previous ones.
ps when i mentioned nice compilation, i mean everything works. the video animation an all. usually this stuff is riddled with bugs. these were well thought out.

well its does work xD

heres the link to those mov’s i was talking about. i finally run past them again.…tion=AttachFile