Questions from a new guy

Hey Guys

Basically, just need a bit of info, I could trawl through the forum for hours but I figure i’ll give this a go first.

So, i’m interested in buying Renoise, but haven’t actually got it yet. Currently I use FL Studio, but I really like the look of Renoise and I think the tracker system probably works better with me in terms of workflow. However, I need to know a few things:

  1. Can I use it in Windows 8? I don’t want to shell £50 and find that it flops around like a dead fish.
  2. How interactive is the program with the use of a midi controller? Again, not keen to buy and then find I spent cash on a nice controller I can hardly use.
  3. How many of you use the demo version as opposed to the full program? Don’t worry, I buy all my stuff, but want to know if anyone has had a problem with the parting of cash through the system the developers use. Is it Share it!? I can’t remember.

I probably sound like i’m worrying a lot but…I do XD Anyway thanks for any advice given, it will really help me make an informed choice.


Hello new user =)
Answering best of my abilities:

  1. Linux user, so i can’t help you much there

  2. Very useful, although a few features are missing (like sustain pedal!!!) I use it all the time on my laptop, which lately pretty much serves as a synth “midi to audio” module =)

  3. Full.

Sustain pedal works fine. It enters the sustain data into the effects column.

Simply try the demo first for a while. You are only restricted on output rendering (sample and disk rendering) and ReWire (first two outputs and some frequent soft hiss) in the Demo, the rest is just fully functional.
Renoise does work on Windows 8, but Windows 8 seems pretty much one of those windows versions like Vista:Not suitable for music production software in generic.
I have tried it myself in one of the release candidates, performance was pretty much lousy compared to Windows 7.

I don’t know how the release candidates performed, but the performance of the official Windows 8 release is perfect.

I don’t know about windows 8, but I have been using Renoise on Vista since 2009 without any problems. After you disable the visual aero-bloat and change some user settings you’re good to go.

to me there is no probleme between renoise and windows 8 perhaps with some plug in but my plug in seems to do their jobs like on windows 7

You should always thoroughly test the demo version first to make sure that it works on your system. That’s exactly why we have a demo version in the first place. Do not buy anything without trying it first!

Some of our users are working in Windows 8 and have no problems. A few others are experiencing some small quirks here and there, mainly to do with certain VST plugins not behaving correctly, and possibly some other compatibility issues with things like audio drivers and ASIO4ALL. If your Win8 system seems pretty stable in general (especially with other audio software), then it will probably be just fine with Renoise. Simply try the demo first to be sure.

You can read about our MIDI mapping features in the manual. Almost everything can be mapped or controlled in some way. Then we have user-made tools such as Duplex which extend the possibilities even further. Once again, you should simply try the demo first to find out for yourself. If you have any specific questions about any particular MIDI functionality you’re interested in, simply ask and we’ll try to answer them for you.

The payment processor we use is Avangate. They accept pretty much any type of payment from Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, bank transfer, giro, direct debit, and so on. When you go the shop checkout page, simply look at the list of options available in the “Payment Options” section, since I believe it varies from country to country.

If you pay by Visa or a PayPal which is correctly linked to a credit card or bank account, then your order should be instant and you should receive your Renoise license instantly – make sure that the domain is white-listed in your spam filter to avoid any confusion.

If you pay by bank transfer or something similar, then there will typically be a delay of a few business days before your payment completes, and you will not receive your Renoise license until the payment has cleared.

If you have any general concerns regarding the payment, you should simply double check all the available information on Avangate’s site before you proceed with anything, or contact them directly via

Just downloaded the demo version, had a listen to some of the demo songs and had a play around and I already really like it. Just a few more questions if you guys don’t mind.

  1. Where can I get some really decent plugins/samples that work well with Renoise? Paid or free. I make my own but obviously sometimes it’s just for ease.
  2. As I said before I use FL currently, which is a pretty good DAW for me, so obviously I’d like to carry on using it as well as Renoise, so how does the rewire function work?
  3. How many of you do ALL of your composing in Renoise? I’m interested in the scope of how much one program can do for £50 XD

Again, I really appreciate any time you guys take to answer these questions.

  1. Everywhere. VST is a very common plugin type. Pretty much any commercial plugin is going to have a VST version, and free VST’s are all over the internet. is just one of many examples of places you can find free ones.
  2. Rewire sorta syncs 2 daws together. I don’t have much experience with it. Something else you can do however is just load FL studio as a VST plugin.
  3. I do all of it in Renoise, for the most part.

So yeah, renoise also has the nicest demo version of all DAWs I have tried - most trap you in creating something really awesome very easily, and then refusing to save the file. Renoise doesn’t. In theory you could get really pro with the demo and use it performing at live shows for a long time before you even really need to purchase it, to compose and render and publish songs.
Most people on the forum here will have the full license. Since I bought it around feb. 2011 (I think) I can’t imagine a future where Renoise keeps getting updated and I wouldn’t upgrade my license. The other cool thing is once you buy it, you’re good for a average period of 5 years worth of updates.(?)
It’s a pretty ‘deep’ program and for me it was really rewarding to learn to master it, and then after that you can even improve it, customize it, etc in ways you can’t with any other daw with the use of tools (also if you’re not a programmer yourself you can download tools and tweak a lot).
I can’t answer the Win8 question since I don’t have it.
On plugins/samples: pretty much all samples that you worked with in FL will also work in Renoise. Pretty much all VSTs that you worked with in FL: same thing. I use some free VST fx by TAL (Vocoder), some VOS (‘Variety Of Sound’), Molotov, RoughRider, Glitch. Some builtin fx in Renoise I consider top notch and wouldn’t trade for a VST, namely Filter (esp. Moog mode), Cabinet Simulator and LofiMat.
On composition/producing: it definitely takes some time to master it, but making a LFO go faster and slower with another LFO, and then more/less amplitude with another LFO, etc… You get a lot of worth for the money. Just try out the demo, for months if you need (I think that’s allowed?). For the past year I’ve been composing tunes with just Renoise, 99% even with just samples generated from within Renoise (check my soundcloud) (there’s multiple synthesis tools, like my own tool Overtune). There’s also a sample editor inside renoise that does a good job xfade looping, etc.
There’s resampling/‘apply fx’ with easy keyboard shortcuts, etc. Edit step is another awesome timesaver you wouldn’t find in e.g. FL.
I can go on :P
tldr; try it, it’s the shizznit.

‘Since I bought it around feb. 2011 (I think) I can’t imagine a future where Renoise keeps getting updated and I wouldn’t upgrade my license.’

Meaning Dev support isn’t very good or there just isn’t any need to upgrade? I mean playing around with the demo, it seems pretty well rounded as it is atm, but I would expect there to be SOME patches even now?

He’s saying he can’t imagine not upgrading his license when it’s updated. Meaning the updates are always really good. And yeah Renoise 3.0 should be coming up eventually.

Oh I see, sorry about that aha. Well, all’s good then, seems pretty decent.

Pretty much everything that isn’t guitar, or (electric) bass, which i record live. The rest i use trackers (mostly renoise) to sequence.

Oh duh =) Is there any way to have it work when using Renoise as a synth module with a midi controller?

Hey, new to the forums, been using renoise for a while though.

  1. I don’t use win8, but you can try seeing if the demo version for win7 works with it.
  2. How ever interactive you want it to be. Just depends on how you utilize the program.
  3. I use the full version
  1. All over the place. I’ve built up my sample collection slowly by downloading free samples here and there. I also use a whole host of vst’s. usually (in my experience) the paid for vst’s work better, but there are still really good free ones. (protip google this stuff).
  2. I don’t use it.
  3. well i don’t do 100% in renoise since i use a load of vst’s, but the song really comes together in renoise. so i’d say about 80-90%.