Questions regarding Renoise's stereo tool / stereo imaging


Some questions regarding the Renoise stereo tool (fx and the width slider) and stereo imaging in general:

  • is this tool phase stable / stable for mono?

  • the fx seems to delay one channel and you cannot choose which channel this is. Is there a way to swap left and right?

  • for what purpose is the phase invert fx?

  • what stereo imagers do you use?

I’ve used quite a few stereo imagers - not really been using the new one in 3.0 but i’m gonna play with it a bit. as far as I know, it’s not stable for mono, as I’ve “car-tested” quite a few of my older tunes to find mono samples that were fully widened to be really quiet.

Though, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t just as easily create a stereo file from a mono sample, and have one of the samples hit a few samples later (‘samples later’ as in - 44,100 samples per second of audio, have it hit 20 samples later to create a similar effect).

render selection to sample and you’re good!

phase inversion is good if you’re layering, say drums, and you want to make sure they’re all in phase, when you’ve got a sample that’s out of phase this is a quick fix. it’s similar to the utility effect in ableton.

I’m currently using ozone 5 primarily for stereo imaging, but it’s… a friend’s copy… and i’ve deleted any software on my computer recently that i “borrowed”, so i’ll be using the stereo imager a lot in the future ;)

Thanks for your thoughts. I think ozone is really CPU consuming. Found also a waves plugin, that uses the same technique as the logic stereo imager: some kind of sine wave that separates frequency ranges to the channels, which is perfectly mono compatible. You can here also only target the higher frequencies as with ozone. I wish there was exactly this kind of imager in Renoise:

Too bad that lot of Renoise plugins are not mono compatible, here a list:

  • chorus (maybe better approach is a short delay?)
  • phaser/ flanger. (It’s better to use here a notch filter approach)
  • stereo imager

Btw I simply have a button “mono” on the mixer of my interface (and also m/s). Such little button would be nice in Renoise’s master channel, too.