Quick announcment for Yabridgectl users on Linux

Please be aware of an ongoing problem with Wine 9.5 and above with yabridgectl. Workaround is to downgrade to Wine 9.4.

Since I’m on ArchLinux, use wine-stable from AUR. You’ll need to modify the PKGBUILD file to change line 119:



Robbert still has the VST3 problem in the list under Renoise

I don’t think that’s a problem anymore. Maybe @taktik can have a look and suggest to change it. I did some tests with bridged VST3 Plugins and changing the size works fine.

Yes, that got fixed some years ago, unless this is some new problem that I’m not aware of…

I told him already. I will post a link to that thread. Not that this prevents people from using Renoise on Linux.