Quick Attempt At Dubstep

Think it ended up like some kindof dubstep/instrumental hip hop hybrid. Any thoughts?


http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http://soundcloud.com/ceero/ceero-bk-broken width=100% height=81[/embed]

Edit: Updated with new version with vocals. Needs some mixing work still. Any tips on what to do?

very kewl!

This is really great! I am not a big dubstep fan, but this immediately caught my attention and kept me interested. I like how you laid out the percussion and love the overall dark feel of the track. Good use of hiphop samples scattered about.

Drumbeats go like - @50 seconds. Just classic. The synth at 1:16 was a good choice.

Nice work here - and please making more dubstep with a hiphop feel and share the mp3s so I can download them ;)

Frigging soundcloud acting up again!

Can’t get the waveform to play here! :( Trying to directly load your page is very slow as well and also doesn’t work. I think they’re getting too popular and need to invest in some new servers.
Lately after uploading a new tune, you have to wait much to long for the waveform to draw arghh. Ah well, will try later.

Thanks guys, glad you like it :)

I’ll try ;)

Yeah, i’t’s acting up from time to time, sometimes tracks don’t start playing, but a refresh of the page usually helps with that for me at least. I don’t think I’ve ever had problems viewing a page though. And about the waveform, going back and forth between “your tracks” and the tracks’ page usually speeds that up for me

T’is working now,

Cool styling with that clangy acoustic beat and muffled low rumbly bass. Felt the synth stab came in a tad to hard compared to the other elements, but that may be me. Also you could juice the drums a tad up imo, loosing some of the dry’ness with the occasional snare’verb tail.

Nice start! Some more sculpting, leveling and a few extra layers in the second half maybe and you have yourself a +1 dubstep track :)

Btw, how do you embed the soundcloud waveform in a forum?

Like this:

http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http://soundcloud.com/ceero/ceero-broken width=100% height=81[/embed]  

thanks to dblue for telling me how to do it ;)

Thnx for the info!

Uploaded the new version with vocals. Haven’t gotten around to mixing it down properly yet. But any thoughts amigos?

Quite like it (new version.) Usually I go for the heavier stuff but this has quite a nice, laid back kinda vibe. Woman’s vocals work nicely, just the right amount of effects on it.

Mixing and mastering could do with a little work to my ears though. Not overly bad but a couple of synthy parts seem a little loud and the sampled vocal section seems to sit a little low. Feel the bassline could do with a little more presence too.

gonna be an asshole and bump my own thread in case anyone would want to have a listen to this track

good idea =)

your track is really inspired, and enjoyable. nice sounds, original drum grooves, the voice is well integrated and the bassline’s score + automations really makes me wanna move :)

there is just a point that frustrated me a bit, it’s about the sound of the bassline. As kazakore said, I think it deserves more ‘presence’. The sound is kinda ‘muffled’, seems like overcompressed, and we don’t have the ‘feel’ part (the low frequency part).

Maybe you could try some (or all) of these:

  • using a more cutting filter (with a higher Q) for your ‘wobble’ filter
  • boosting hi-medium frequencies in the end of the fx chain (to get some more sharpness and presence)
  • cutting it’s low part then layering it with a simple sine playing 1 octave lower (for a cleaner low-end and deeper impact)
  • adding a slight flanger on it (adds to presence too)

Hey, thanks for the listen and for the tips. I haven’t really gone back and done anything with the track yet, I think it’s about time to do that now though.

I’ll work through your list and see what works. Thanks again

This is awesome, thanks for necro’ing this thread.