Quick Copy-paste Of Notes


Could somehow be possible to: select the first 4 lines of a track, then press Ctrl+C and then press (or hold) Ctrl+V several times… and it would paste those 4 lines through the whole track?

This was actually briefly covered in Vvoois’ recent video tutorial.

Highlight the block of notes you wish to copy. Copy them with ALT+F4, and then you can use LCTRL+P to continuously paste them over the whole pattern.


You can also copy selections with Ctrl+C instead of Alt+F4. And marking can be done with mouse or Ctrl+B (set start) and Ctrl+E (set end).

Thanks! :D

I thought I’ve seen it in the tutorial, just wasn’t sure if it was this or the editstep (… he used this as well, tho).

Is it possible to highlight several selections at once? Like using ALT+click in windows file browser. It would be really useful to me.

no, sorry