Quick "free more space" fix?

Hi there.

Does anyone know any nifty tools for freeing up som ram for renoise - I dont know if something is really wrong, just seems like I am running into the same problem on “every single one of my projects”!!!

“not enough space”… I fucking dread this message… i have corrupted several Xrns’ already.

For example, in my latest project i have about 24 wav samples - only one freakin vst. instrument! allthoug shitloads of fx vst’s… the saved Xrns is about 100.000 Kb!? Shouldnt be messing up right? Probably my computer is shit…

Anyway I know i probably is a total fucking noob - but please… any suggestions? cuz this is messing my flow way up to shit

thank - i freakin love renoise

The messages sound like they are related to hard drive space rather than RAM?

i got 70Gbs left?

What’s the exact message? You’ve given two different quotes.

Is your system actually running low on RAM when this happens? Maybe one of your plugins has a memory leak.

recently its been promt’ing a lot of “out of memory while allocating a sample buffer”… when im trying to add more samples. also its lagging HArd when just trying to playback the track…

now im not shure how to monitor Ram usage? its a bit strange because its only showing a cpu usage (thats the processors?) on 25% while lagging insane - probably its my plugins - im using a lot… is there any way to “render effect” to track :stuck_out_tongue: or some function like that?